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Getting Rid of Armyworms

The name armyworms already cause concern. What kind of worm causes more damage than helping the soil? Armyworms are a huge pest for many people who have big lawns or cereal crops.

What Kind of Damage Do Armyworms Do?

Armyworms can wreak havoc on a lawn, destroying it in a matter of days. They populate quickly and will eat through all the grass they can get their tiny mouths on.

What’s concerning to the lawn owner is that these worms come from moths. An infestation can occur on your lawn just because a moth decided to lay its eggs in your grass.

How Do I Tell if I Have Armyworms?

A good indicator that you have an armyworm infestation is that you see more predators on your lawn. A sudden increase of birds is a good sign that you have an abundance of worms in the yard and those worms might be armyworms.

With an infection, you will also see the damage happen to your yard. The grass will die out, first leaving patches across your lawn until most of your lawn completely dies. If you have other plants in your yards, such as herbs or flowers, you will see damage to them as well. These plants might die or you will see physical damage to the leaves and stems.

You might even see an armyworm if your lawn has a strong enough infestation or if you spend a lot of time gardening.

How do I Get Rid of Armyworms?

With how fast these creatures do their damage, it’s important to get rid of them asap. An insecticide is the best way to get rid of these pests. You can buy insecticide at your local plant nursery or hardware store. However, if you have a bad infestation, it is best to get in contact with a professional that will be able to take care of the problem.

When you do a treatment, try to do it in the morning or the evening. The armyworms are the most active during these times so the treatment will be more effective. It will also be less harsh for your plants because the sun won’t heat the chemicals in the treatment as much.

If you see an armyworm or armyworm larvae, remove them from the plants immediately. Prepare a bucket of equal parts warm water and dish soap. Drop the armyworms into this bucket and they will either be killed by the dish soap or drown in the water, whatever comes first for them.

Final Thoughts for Getting Rid of Armyworms

Having an infestation of any kind can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. It is never pleasant to deal with gross bugs that want to eat away at your yard.

If you see that you have an armyworm problem, you need to act quickly. Call up a professional or get ahold of some insecticide so those worms can meet their doom and you can have your lawn back.