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How to Get Rid of Summer Patch Lawn Disease?

When you want your house to look good, you also want your lawn to look good. Keeping up a good-looking lawn takes a lot of work and challenges can arise on any occasion. One of these challenges is summer patch lawn disease.

What is Summer Patch Lawn Disease?

Summer patch lawn disease is when your lawn is ridden with brown patches of dead grass. It is caused by fungus infiltrating the grassy lawn and causing the grass to die out. Your lawn will then look as though it’s been dried out.

How Do I Know That I Have Summer Patch Lawn Disease?

Summer patch lawn disease can be difficult to identify because it shares many symptoms with other lawn problems. There are so many causes for a patchy lawn ridden with brown and dead grass.

One of the best ways to identify Summer Patch Lawn Disease is to look at the shape of the dead grass. You will find circular shapes of brown, wilted grass. Sometimes, healthy grass will be in the middle of the circles. The roots of the plants in the yard will come up black and rotten.

If you still can’t tell if you have this lawn disease, you can send in a sample to a lab and you’ll be told what specifically is wrong with your yard.

I Have Summer Patch Lawn Disease, What Now?

There are a few things that you can do when you know that your lawn is suffering from summer patch lawn disease. The first thing you should do is to get rid of the infected grass and use fungal-fighting lawn fertilizer.

Mixing up the soil can also help mix the fungal fighting product into the ground, allowing it to better fight the fungus. There are many fungicides out there that will both cure summer patch lawn disease and also prevent it from happening again. Consistent use will make sure that the problem goes away quickly.

For more prevention, make sure that your lawn stays at a 6-6.5 ph level for optimal lawn health.

But what’s the best thing that you can do with your lawn? Work with a professional. Working with a landscaper such as StreamLine Designs will allow your lawn to get better in a shorter period.

We are experienced with all things lawn related and will make sure to resolve any lawn problem that you may have.

Final Thoughts on Getting Rid of Summer Patch Lawn Disease

Keeping your lawn looking green is also how you keep it healthy. When brown spots appear on your lawn, check to see if it’s summer patch lawn disease. It’s not the end of the world if this is a problem that you have because, with the right fungicide and getting rid of previous grass, you will be able to get rid of the disease.

If you are still struggling with getting rid of Summer Patch Lawn Disease, don’t be afraid to contact us to get our help.