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Why Do Weeds Grow Where They Grow?

Weeds can be super disruptive to your flowerbeds and everything else that you grow in your yard. The root down, fighting for space with the other plants and taking up nutrients that the other plants need. But why do they grow where it’s most inconvenient? Do they have a reason for growing where they do?

Where Are Weeds Commonly Found?

Weeds do have a pattern of where they spring up. While the growth of weeds may seem random and chaotic, there is a reason for what they do. They just want to survive, that is all.

Weeds are commonly found growing in:

  • Shade
  • Popping up through cemented areas
  • Places where there is less grass or dead grass
  • Super bright areas
  • Very wet or super dry soils

Weeds like to thrive in extreme surroundings, ones that many other plants don’t do well with. Even if you’re someone who struggles with growing any kind of plant, you are still likely to encounter weeds on your lawn.

I’m Constantly Pulling Up Weeds, Why Do They Keep Coming Back?

Weeds never seem to leave for two main reasons. The first reason is that if a plant still has its roots in the ground, it will resprout. This is true for many kinds of plants, not just weeds. If you want to remove the weeds from your lawn, you need to pull their roots out as well.

The other reason is that the seeds of weeds are constantly cycling through the world. You are likely to have repeated weed problems because the elements are bringing the seeds back into your yard. a

Weed seeds are commonly transported through the wind (such as dandelion seeds being blown, through rainwater, on the fur of other animals, or even through the waste of animals.

Seeds want to survive, so they will begin growing as soon as they find an area that is suitable for survival. The weeds will grow and then the seeds of that weed will spread, eventually spreading across your whole lawn.

Why Do Weeds Survive Everywhere?

Weeds need very little nutrients to survive. They aren’t picky about the kind of soil that’s available, how much water is available, or if the lawn is ever fertilized. Weeds truly are the easiest plant to grow because they will grow anywhere and everywhere.

If you have a well-taken care lawn, that only serves as a prime growing spot. However, anyone with any kind of lawn can have a bunch of weeds pop up.

Final Thoughts on Why Weeds Grow Where They Do

Weeds will grow no matter how little space they have or how dead the surrounding areas are. That’s the one thing that you can count on weeds for, that they will be there no matter what.

If you despise weeds in your yard or if they are causing trouble, remove the weeds from the root and spray a weed killer. Just make sure you use one that is safe for kids and animals if you have those running through.