Landscape Maintenance


Lawn Care

Mowing, Fertilization, Seeding, Aeration, Weed Control

Pest Control

Mosquitos, Ticks, Special Event Prep

Trees & Shrubs

Tree Removal, Pruning & Trimming, Plant Care Health


Maintenance, Plant Care & Seasonal Color, Mulching


Pick Up and Removal of Trash, Debris, Etc.

Lawn Care, Pest Control, Trees & Shrubs, Flowerbeds, and Customized Plans

Customized Plans

We create customized plans and packaged pricing solutions to keep your landscape healthy year-round.

We build into our custom plans understanding of how and when optimal service and maintenance visits should be scheduled.

Our service crews are hired for year-round service (not just seasonally) and each team includes a supervisor or team lead that has been with our company for 8 or more years.

You have made a LARGE INVESTMENT in your outdoor space.
Maintaining a healthy landscape, PROTECTS that investment, and its full potential can be realized.
Removing and replacing a tree or plant COSTS MORE than maintaining one.

Committed to Quality

Below is a Sample of On-Site Supervisor Quality Bi-Weekly Audit

Audit inspections are created based on your property’s specific requirements.

Lawn Care


Completion of mowing area’s
Validate lawn trimming
Validate lawn debris blown

Trash & Debris

Trash & Debris

Validate parking lot area clean
Validate small branches and leaf piles etc. are removed properly

Landscape & Clean Flower Beds

Weed & Clean Beds

Validate beds are trash-free
Validate weeds are removed

Trim Shrubs

Trim Shrubs

Validate completion of trimming
Validate removal of trimmings
Validate sucker growth is removed